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Welcome to Asami Family Home Page, 2019/20 Holiday edition This page is refreshed (roughly) annually to reflect upon the passing year, sharing joy and fun with our friends and families.
This year, however we suffered the loss of our beloved and respected fathers and the whole family is mourning. In Japanese tradition, we withdraw from celebratory events, but in memorial of our great parents, we decided to joyously celebrate their life and share the happiness with all of you. Please visit the new photo galleries. Browse freely and enjoy.

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Memorial Event

Family Party

Overview of the Year

This year started out in a bad way.
First, Akiko's father passed away. He was 97. He lived a full life, and a good happy one at that. Still, it was not a happy occasion. We flew over to Japan to attend his funeral.

Then nary a couple of weeks later, my father passed away. He was 94. He moved back to Japan with my mother two years ago, so I haven't seen him more than a few times a year when we travel to Japan. To think I won't even be able to do that, is.. sad.
When we learned he was gravely ill, we flew back again and we made it, maybe a day before he passed away to see him for the last time.
He was survived by mother, who is aging but in good health. My sister visits her in the care facility almost every day.

It is a Japanese custom for the family of the deceased to cut social activities for a year, but we decided that is not our style. Though perhaps not as much as a normal year, but we had fun and joyous moments in the course of the year, and here we would like to share it with you.

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Yes, those tennis legends are real!

Tak's big backhand

Nephew's family came

Jun visiting grandma


The area hosts a Challenger tournament in January. Because this is Southern California, several top players born and grew up here, and others moved in. So it is packed with big name players who would compete in the tour level tournament later in the year, and the guest appearances by the legendary players. This year, the likes of Tommy Haas, Andy Roddick, Murdy Fish and James Blake showed up and they gave us a little clinic. It's one thing to watch them play from court side; it is auite another to actually hit with those guys.

Yes, we did take the annual trip to Indian Wells for BNP Paribas Open in March, but due to unfortunate circumstances, most of the good picture images were lost, and cannot share with you. Sorry.
But I can tell you it was exciting. Jokovic, Nadal, Federer all came, and Nishikori and Nishioka both had good showing.
As usual, we attend the first three days of the tournament, which fills all courts all day long; you are filled with nothing but tennis. Except, they have good food services there, and improving every year. With a great event like this locally, who whould want to go to US Open?

Oh, and Tak finally took the surgery to replace left knee joint in September. Now he has two "good" knees to get back to playing at full power. Soon.

Jun Visited Grandma

Jun was between jobs, so he took a trip to Japan on hiw own in June, to visit grandma (my mother). I don't have to tell you how happy that made her.

Nephew Family cometh

Toward the end of August, nephew Hiroki came to us with family. They helped and supported us all the way at the funeral, I was too happy to pack their days with fun. It's been almost a decade when we visited Disneyland, but we spent whole day there until the kids dropped. Well, actually they were tougher. I had fun and was really tired (and happy) at the end.

2020 is Year of Mouse

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Tak operates the CW station

MLA So Cal Branch members

Tak's Things (Ham Radio...)

You can't take away from Tak, tennis and... ham radio!

Tak keeps busy doing his things: Ham Radio, as usual, he is once again, a Morse Code Operator at SOARA club's Field Day contest.

The propagation condition was pretty bad this year again (the sun is pretty quiet), but we still managed to be sixth in California (64th overall). Number 1 in Orange County 3A class, of course.

And the team continues to develop an "ultimate" loop antenna and tuner system. The activity was slowed a bit this year, which is in no small part, my fault. But we picked up the pace toward the end of the year, and hope to create something working in 2020.

Visit Tak's amateur radio station home page, W6SI.com

And oh, don't forget to view the antenna raising video at Youtube.

So Cal MLA team at work

Rasing the beam antenna
at Field Day
Please see the video at:


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